About US

Palcine For creative arts is a collective of filmmakers (directors, cinematographers, photographers, editors, music composers, designers and artists) based in the Jerusalem-Bethlehem area.
Our lives as freelancers allow us to come together and work on our own audio-visual productions under ‘PalCine Productions’ but also allow us to offer our experience and skills to help other production groups (local and international), non-profit organisations, communities and institutions to produce their audio-visual projects. Our projects range from documentaries and narrative films to commercials, music videos and educational videos.
We also participate in teaching and training programs at local Palestinian film and audio visual academies and schools.
At any point in time PalCine could have any number of projects ongoing at various stages of production. When a project gathers enough momentum we announce it here on our web page as well as on our social media pages.
If you are looking to do audio-visual work in Palestine and need production help on the ground, please get in touch with us.